My name is Roman and I help my customers find solutions to technical problems,
for which there is often no simple and obvious answer. I can draw on 20 years of experience
and a wide range of tools and a great network of colleagues.


Barco E2
Analog Way Ascender

Media Server

Dataton Watchout
AV Stumpfl Pixera
Analog Way Picturall
VVVV, Touchdesigner


MA-Lighting, Madrix


Technical Installations for Showrooms, Conferences and Multimedia.

IT Infrastructure

WiFi & Network deployment, DECT Multicell Installations, VOIP

Planning and deployment of IT and AV Networks for Events and Showrooms.

Switching, Routing, Security

HighDensity Wifi, Multicell DECT

Mikrotik, HP, Ubiquiti

Installation and programming of AV Systems, Projectors and Showroom Media Controls.

Softedge, Hardedge, Tandem and Mapping

Digital Projection

Media Control

Q-SYS certified Integrator


Beckhoff I/O, EtherCAT 3

Special Contructions

Interface Converter, Electronic Assemblies, Trinamic Motion


M: 0049.1520.857.8455